Over Dose…


Eden managed to give herself WAY too much insulin this morning…


From what we figured out after almost 2 hours battling low blood sugars .. She over dosed approximately 30 carbs equal to 3 units of insulin.. 


What followed :

A 2 hour chase  –

approximately 100 uncovered carbohydrates

to counteract the extra insulin

and 8 blood sugar tests..



All I can say is THANK GOODNESS Eden can feel her lows.. 


Her first test and blood sugar was only 48 – dangerously low and she felt terrible… It is a very scary feeling to be that low and have so much insulin still in your bloodstream working to bring you further down… If she did not have sugar FAST – or god forbid not feel that she was dropping quickly – she could have easily gone into a seizure..


How it happened…..


Eden got herself a bagel for breakfast.. She didn’t check the package for the carb count and just dosed what she usually does for a bagel. I also made her a smoothie – she misheard me with the carbs – plus she picked out the “big chunks” of fruit that didn’t get entirely blended…

The usual bagels we get are 18 carbs more than the one she had this morning. She also dosed too much for the smoothie because she didn’t hear me correctly and then didn’t even eat the entire thing..


That is how easily things can go wrong and how

incredibly dangerous insulin –

something that keeps her alive daily –

can just as easily kill her.


A hard lesson for Eden to learn – ALWAYS check the packaging on the food you are eating !!! If you dose for something – FINISH IT or have something else to equal the carbs..

Type 1 Diabetes is a huge responsibility..

and it is very scary as a mother to hand over the reins..


5 thoughts on “Over Dose…

  1. I once bolused 10 units on accident when I first got my pump because I got confused by the wizard and thought I was punching in 10 grams 🙂 I was living alone and thought, “well, this is the end for me.” Fortunately I had a full 2 liter bottle of Sprite in my fridge and began chugging. Even though I thought the insulin would win, I was able to push myself up to 200 fairly quickly and keep myself there for the next 4 hours when the humulog ran out. I’m always grateful for this experience because it taught me that no matter how fast, fast acting insulins are these days, carbs are still faster. I think it should stay this way personally.

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