As we go…


The first 3 days back to school have been somewhat successful..

Of course, with anything new we have a few kinks to work out..


As I posted on the Eden’s Effort Facebook Page .. Eden came home from school on Friday with very high blood sugar.. The 2 days prior her blood sugar was perfect, not unusual with D, but it also made me pause and question her…


Did you remember to dose for your lunch?

YES – she said she DID bolus her insulin


but after further investigation it was learned that she didn’t.. Eden had a LOT of carbs for lunch and ZERO insulin – not good..


It’s OK – mistakes happen – and she is still getting used to a new routine and responsibility level.

Unfortunately, even at home, she forgets to dose often.. Eden gets distracted very easily and the draw of food when she is hungry is enough in itself to distract her.. Now that school is involved – not only does she have the food as a distraction but all the activity and friends around her..


Eden has been testing her blood sugar for lunch AFTER she leaves the classroom, whilst sitting with her friends wherever they chose to eat. She texts me her blood sugar number and then does her thing..


Right now, Eden just thinks I am a big nag and pain in her behind.. I want to try to work out a system so that she doesn’t continue to forget.. but she doesn’t want to listen to anything I have to say. Typical pre-teen, right?


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


The problems – high blood sugars cause her to be extremely grumpy and moody… I don’t want her coming home and taking it all out on me on a regular basis.. (how selfish of me)  It is obviously detrimental to her health but it will also affect her concentration for school and home work…


I get it – she doesn’t want me on her tail constantly

about her Type 1 Diabetes management…

She has said numerous times

“Don’t worry mum, I’ve got this.”



PE starts tomorrow – another totally new thing that we are going to have to work through with trial and error.. I honestly don’t know the answers – we will just have to figure it out as we go..


Blood sugar test before – a must…

She has PE first period – do we just not dose her completely for breakfast?

Her blood sugar test won’t be completely accurate because her breakfast insulin will still be working…


Blood sugar test after – always?


Just depending on how much physical activity they actually do?


She also has a LONG time to wait until her usual blood sugar test at lunch (7th period) .. Maybe she should test before then? (4th or 5th period)


Absolutely imperative that Eden listens to her body..


Will be interesting to see if she is receptive to a conversation about it this afternoon…

If she doesn’t dose for her lunch – NO CHANCE…

If she remembers – possibly – but I doubt it..


3 thoughts on “As we go…

  1. I’m not sure who’s got it harder, the type 1 or the mother of the type 1 here 🙂 I can’t imagine how difficult it is as an adult who knows what must be done when seeing a kid who knows but more easily forgets. As a type 1 of many years I can say that forgetting to inject is its own big punishment. I learned that if I didn’t want to feel crappy later, I’d stop forgetting. It may take her numerous times of forgetting to learn this lesson, but my hope is that her body will do a more effective job at teaching her to remember than anyone on the outside. I tend to favor learning things the hard way – probably because that’s how I learned – guess I’m hard headed.

    • yeah – unfortunately she has no respect for D yet… Nor does she recognize WHY she feels crappy or is a grumpy, miserable person to be around.. 😉

      we have said for a while – unfortunately it might take a big scare or hospitalization before she truly gets it..

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