I can do it – I know I can…


It’s a fact – I pretty much am ALWAYS thinking about Type 1 Diabetes in some way, shape or form..


  • If Eden is home – it’s on my mind.
  • If Eden is at school – it’s on my mind.
  • If Eden is playing basketball – it’s on my mind.
  • While I’m sleeping – I’m often dreaming about it.
  • While I’m trying to sleep – I’m getting awoken by multiple alarms to check on Eden.
  • In my spare time – I’m usually researching and or writing about it.


I think you get the picture…


This week it is on my mind a bit MORE than usual…


I was asked this week to do a short speech/presentation by a local T1D and advocate, Tony at Duck Fiabetes Norcal. He is working tirelessly to start a Diabetes Specialty Club through Lions Club International and will be presenting after the District meeting in their Diabetes Awareness Forum this Saturday. (thanks for all you do Tony!)

I am honored that he has chosen me as one of the speakers to share our story and journey with T1D.

I have been working on my speech for days now, writing and re-writing. I am quietly nervous as all heck – I DO NOT like to be the center of attention or speak in front of a large group.


I quite like hiding behind my computer and spreading awareness the way I do..

But it is time for me to seriously step out of my comfort zone for the betterment of Eden and the entire Type 1 Diabetes Community.


I can do it – I know I can…

We can do anything if we want to bad enough right?

I sure as heck want that CURE

so am going to do what I can to help spread awareness!




3 thoughts on “I can do it – I know I can…

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