Fingers crossed – We both need this…


Eden honestly doesn’t ask for much – she is extremely easy going and rarely complains.

There seems to be a pattern surfacing – if she says “It’s fine” – it is NOT and it is something that she actually really cares about, just doesn’t want to make a big deal and will sacrifice what she wants.


Today is a prime example of that..


The other day she came home and announced that hot lunches at her new school look AWESOME… Middle School has lots of options – they do Jamba Juice on Fridays and have a big menu of yummy stuff to choose from every day. In previous years Eden rarely got hot lunch – we would pack a lunch for school – full carb counts included – so she would be dosed the correct amount of insulin for her meal.


At our 504 meeting the other day I brought it up. I asked if the school had carb counts for the food that was being offered… short answer – no .. Not that they haven’t been actively trying to get them, but it just isn’t that easy. The food comes from multiple vendors – in large boxes that inside contents may not be labeled with the nutrition facts. It will happen – it just hasn’t happened yet.


This morning – Eden asked me if she could have hot lunch… 


My answer – I paused – I suggested contacting the school nurse and clearly had a disapproving look on my face.

She turned around said “It’s FINE” and walked away…


Clearly it was NOT FINE – it was something that she really wanted..  She promptly got the $3 and Eden is having hot lunch today.



  • NO IDEA what Eden is going to choose to eat today
  • NO IDEA what the carb count is going to be
  • NO IDEA if she is going to accurately guess the carb count



Eden was quite confident that she could SWAG (see here) on her own after I suggested she take a picture and send it to me.


Lots could go wrong – Lots could go right


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


I am very happy that she has the confidence to do it on her own – but is also scares me. Especially after our Over Dose of last weekend…


Oh – and they have a school dance this afternoon too and I will be picking her up over an hour after I usually do…





I have to let her fly – I have to let her try.


especially when she wants to be responsible…

fingers crossed… we both need this


One thought on “Fingers crossed – We both need this…

  1. Happy to hear she’s game to tackle the mystery of a lunch with no clear carbs on her own! Today I broke my rule of a meal of less than 13 carbs and cheated by having a delicious donut. It was heavenly – so heavenly. I looked up the carbs on my android app and bolused the exact amount. 2 hours later I was at 235 – meaning the carb estimate provided was under by about 20 grams. This is the reality of carb counting- is not an exact science no matter how much they claim it can be – you’ll always have a certain degree of error. OK I missed my goal of staying between 80 and 140 all day long, which I usually meet, but today I didn’t. Still, I enjoyed it immensely and sometimes I need to break that rule. That’s part of taking responsibility for myself as a Type 1. It’s something that all Type 1s need to able to do from time to time.

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