What if I told you …


What if I told you there was a disease that was on the rise

that no one knows why

that is incurable

that requires treatment for life

that hurts and is misunderstood

that the treatment keeping you alive can kill you

that ANYONE can get – young, old, fit or healthy

that YOU could get – your child, your sister, your best friend

that people with this disease get poked fun at, stereotyped and discriminated against

that creates a financial burden

that makes eating a chore

that you have to monitor all day every day

that can cause long term complications

that you can die in your sleep



What if I told you…

That name of this disease was CANCER ?


Would you want to support your best friend, or sister or child if they had Cancer?

Would you want to find a CURE for Cancer ?


My bet – YES


What if I told you…

The ACTUAL name of the disease was

Type 1 Diabetes?



Would you support your friends or family then?? – or would you think it wasn’t as important?

Would you want a cure then?



A CURE is needed for Type 1 Diabetes – just as much as it is needed for Cancer and other well known diseases.

Just because Eden’s disease is called “Diabetes” does not mean we do not need or deserve support.



Please support our family

Join us in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

or better yet – DONATE today to help find a CURE








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