Lets add More …


Eden currently has a thumb injury ..

Unfortunately it has sidelined her from her beloved basketball – we aren’t sure how long for yet – waiting on Ortho appointment on Friday to find out.


NOT that I am happy that Eden is injured – but I’m kinda a tiny wee bit happy that she isn’t playing basketball this week…


Middle School Cross Country starts today !!!


What does that mean?


  • practice 4 nights a week straight after school
  • 1 of those is a 3 mile run off campus
  • 1.5 mile meets versus other schools
  • a chance for Eden to kick butt


What else does that mean?


  • more training people on T1D and the effects of exercise
  • more stress and worry for me
  • emergency glucagon training for a coach (done by school nurse)
  • more responsibility for Eden to test her blood sugar and listen to her body
  • Eden needs to carry sugar at all times
  • no more D-mom present when she is exercising




I’m happy to not have to basically drive straight from Cross Country to basketball practice 

I’m happy that we just need to deal with one sport this week and the effect it might have on her night time blood sugar levels

I’m also happy that she is trying something new.. I know she will love it!


Eden is still trying to get used to the new back to school routine – she forgot to test her blood sugar after PE yesterday – big oops… and now we are throwing something else into the mix.. which requires her to be super vigilant.


She can do it – I know she can.. 

It just isn’t as easy as testing her blood sugar and running – she needs to think ahead, eat if required and know that a normally great blood sugar number will NOT be OK if she is going to be running non-stop for 45 minutes!


We don’t have enough going on … Lets add more 😉



Well, I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall…

I guess I could always watch from the school parking lot … ?


One thought on “Lets add More …

  1. I exult D- Mums (and Dads). I have the ability to feel my own diabetes so get an idea on what is going on. It must be so intense to guide Eden through everyday, especially when she’s as involved in sports as she is. Well done!

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