Not the Same… 


My “pump” days are over… 2 days of wearing a pretend insulin pump have come and gone. (read more here)

I got to disconnect – take it off and leave it off – which in all honesty was a great feeling.

I don’t want to say it hurt, hurt – but it definitely was not entirely comfortable.


IMAG1122 copy


A constant pinching sensation and when the tubing got tugged or snagged on a door handle it was NOT a good feeling..


Learning to sleep with it so that when I rolled it could roll with me.

Trying to sleep with it close enough that I wasn’t on top of it (not comfortable) but also so that it didn’t dangle off the edge of the bed pulling on my skin threatening to rip itself out.


I snagged it a bunch of times – tried to tuck the tubing in to my pocket as much as I could but it still managed to sneak out and find door handles.


I had to change my clothes on Day 1..  I disconnected when I showered – got dressed and then had an “oh crap” moment when I didn’t have anywhere to put my pump.  I could have tried to tuck it into my bra – but I wasn’t really feeling that idea..


Doing laundry and somehow it managed to sneak itself out of my pocket and crash land on the dryer door.. Thankfully it isn’t a true medical device – I cringe every time that Eden knocks her pump – what if it stops working??? That thing keeps her ALIVE…


I DID however remember to disconnect it before I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday 😉

water and electronic devices do not mix – something that worries me every time that Eden is near water


All in all – It was an interesting experiment..


I only had a site inserted in my skin and carried a remote around in my pocket..

I didn’t have to worry about pricking my finger 10-15 times a day, dosing for my insulin or anything else…



I think Eden enjoyed me doing this..

I have a new understanding of a small portion

of what she deals with

BUT – I got freedom after 2 days..





Eden needs to do this for the rest of her life..

She knows what needs to be done and we just do it.

end of story – we have no choice.

we need a cure


2 thoughts on “Not the Same… 

  1. You’re a good sport for doing it Heather! I wonder how many other T1D parents have challenged themselves to do the same thing. Hey! There you go…that’s our ice bucket challenge. Let’s see who is willing to test their BG and inject themselves. Lol!

  2. This really is awesome of you to do! I’ve never heard of any type 3 actually inserting that long needle in them just for solidarity – in a sense you did this for the entire community – Thank you!

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