Might need a new plan …


Type 1 Diabetes requires constant monitoring, responsibility and vigilance.


blood sugar checks

checking carb counts

dosing insulin

pump site changes

D supplies


dr visits

blood draws


It is a BIG responsibility with BIG consequences …


Type 1 Diabetes needs to be respected – by Eden – by family – by friends – by teachers – by the public


Eden DOES NOT respect Type 1 Diabetes yet. 


  • She has not needed any additional hospital stays since her diagnosis.
  • She has not needed the emergency glucagon.
  • She has not been in DKA.
  • She has no other related auto-immune diseases besides her hypothyroid
  • She is fit, healthy and most often happy



Wants more freedom

Wants to not be different from her peers

Wants to not take the extra time required for her D management


She rushes to not stand out

She rushes so she is not late to class

She rushes and forgets to do what needs to be done – important things – that keep her safe

or worse – chooses not to do them


Type 1 Diabetes is a HUGE responsibility.


It takes vigilance and the need for understanding



Eden is 12 years old – very mature in some of the things she needs to deal with – but at the same time very laid back and carefree. A blessing and a curse.

She does NOT understand the gravity of what could happen.

She COULD understand it if she really, really wanted to.

But I just do not know if she is ready or more importantly, willing.


My internal battle as a mother is to decide exactly when she is ready for freedom.

It comes with a heavy emotional burden for me. Because things can go wrong and they can go wrong quickly.

As parents we need to make the decision for her as to whether she can do what needs to be done to keep herself safe.


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


Yesterday – she did NOT do the right thing. 

She did not follow the guidelines/plan that we put in place.

She put her life in danger. 

She almost gave her mother a heart attack 


Things could have been bad. very, very, bad.


I had a meltdown last night and I hope that in some way I got through to her.. She scared me…. really scared me…

As much as I hate to say this – I think SHE needs to be scared. Maybe that is the only way she will truly understand the consequences of her actions..


Today – Eden has been given another chance to prove that she has what it takes to do what needs doing.

I WANT her to have the freedom she desires – but I’m not so sure I can give it to her yet.


I’m hopeful – But I think we might need a new plan…


One thought on “Might need a new plan …

  1. I don’t think a hospital trip or a catastrophe is necessary to desire better blood sugars. I ignored diabetes for 7 years, barely checking my blood sugar more than once per month and just injecting based on how I felt. I had only 1 hospital trip after year 5, and that was because I rage bolused a hefty amount, again, without checking my BG. Still I was fine overall. I don’t think she has to let go of everything to feel more in control of her own self care, and when she does forget, the extreme discomfort of highs and terrifying lows will make her develop her own respect for diabetes. You might think that she nor do any type 1s feel high BGs, but I can say that if you’ve got high BGs continually for more than 4-5 hours, you feel so crappy, you just want to feel better. Her body will eventually teach her to listen and test and react – though it will take patience to watch her get there.

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