No finish line ..


Break the law – 3 strikes = prison time

Eden is currently facing prison time – losing her freedom and self-management at school for her D care


I get it – it is hard


  • new school
  • new routine
  • new responsibilities
  • not wanting to be different
    • or late to class
    • or need to eat
    • or be the only kid calling their mom


I really do get it – that is why we have been working so hard to help put guidelines in place so that Eden CAN self manage whilst at school.


  • So she DOESN’T stand out any more than she needs to
  • So she DOESN’T have to go to the nurses office
    • after PE
    • before lunch
    • before Cross Country practice
    • or any time in between


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


We have tweaked our system – made adjustments to try to find the perfect formula to help make things easier. It WILL get easier but it will take time

For the most part – Eden has been doing GREAT..

I understand forgetting every now and then

– it happens

– she is human and still a kid.



It can be complicated and there is a LOT to consider.. even for a seemingly perfect blood sugar number


any blood sugar number with a 1 in front of it (in the 100’s) – she is golden and can text not call…

well, except if it is a low 100 right after PE – she needs to eat

but how much does she need to eat? what did they actually DO in PE?

or right before Cross Country practice – then she definitely needs to eat

and on Friday’s when they go off campus she needs to test at the halfway point and maybe eat then too..



Last week Eden put her life in danger by not eating before cross country practice

Yesterday she did not give herself insulin for her lunch

She has also forgotten to dose for breakfast and lunch on other occasions since going back to school


It isn’t a once a day thing she is forgetting – there are a multitude of scenarios throughout the day that require her to stop, think and act..

depending on which scenario she forgets – we will get a completely different outcome..


Making mistakes is part of growing up and learning – it is SO HARD as a parent when those mistakes can easily become life threatening..

She is trying – I know she is..


I need to make sure I continue to acknowledge all the things she is doing RIGHT and not freak out when something goes wrong as scary as it might be

I am trying so hard to be patient and am making changes to try to help – Eden needs to help herself and slow down or she is going to strike out and end up in prison very quickly..


Type 1 Diabetes is not a sprint

– there is no finish line – it is FOREVER

we need a cure


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