Game Changer …. 


Over the years we have had discussions about getting Eden a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) which essentially is a sensor inserted under the skin that measures blood glucose levels day and night. A CGM would enable us to see in real time exactly what Eden’s blood sugar is doing at any given moment and we could then adjust insulin requirements accordingly – helping to avoid extreme high and low blood sugars.

Eden has never been very fond of the idea as it requires her to be attached to yet another medical device – being attached to an insulin pump 24/7 has been enough for her at times and I have never pushed the issue. (see more info on CGM we are looking at here)


Although it would be an amazing tool in helping to manage Eden’s blood sugar levels

– I feel that she should ultimately make the decision.

It is after all HER body that would be poked and prodded even more and need yet another device attached to it.

She is approaching the age where body image issues may arise and I never want her to feel pressured one way or another.


I have been following advances in technology in which a group of super smart D-parents have figured out how to use a Dexcom CGM and then wirelessly transmit the results to a phone, tablet or smart watch.. This amazing technology enables people to view blood sugar levels REMOTELY.. Eden could be at school – or basketball – or even at a friends house and we would be able to see EXACTLY how her blood sugar was trending..




Partly for my own selfish reasons.. peace of mind.. !

But also for Eden so she can be FREE and be a normal kid..


Although I have been jealously watching other D-families with this technology from a distance, our family was lucky enough to see this technology up close and personal when we attended the Lions Club International – Diabetes Awareness Forum a few weeks ago.. (see here)

A fellow local D-mom who presented a speech was wearing a Pebble smart watch and tracking her sons blood sugar levels when he was completely across town! (you can read her blog here)


photo cred:  Our Sugar Coated Life

photo cred:
Our Sugar Coated Life

Did I say, AMAZING ?!?!



Eden saw it too – we discussed it briefly and that was pretty much the end of it –


until yesterday..

When she actually brought up the subject on her own 🙂 🙂


I honestly have NO IDEA if we can get insurance to cover it – or how much they will cover – or how much it will cost monthly for the sensors, or whether we can afford it..

But where there is a will there is a way..

and we will somehow find a way.


I am super excited that Eden wants to explore it further as an option and have just made the first step in trying to get Eden a trial!

No point going through all the insurance frustration and mumbo-jumbo if she tries it and hates it.


WOW – this would be a game changer.

for our entire family.

fingers crossed


4 thoughts on “Game Changer …. 

  1. Our diabetes medical professional said she would just need to write a letter justifying our daughter’s need for a GCM and our insurance should cover it! We are starting to research GCM too. Want my daughter to use one as she begins to drive!

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