My Words…


I read something on another Blog and felt the need to address..

For those of you who think I might be over sharing and that it might not be my story to tell…


Eden knows very well that I write this Blog..


  • I have asked her multiple times if she would like to read my posts BEFORE I publish them but she has always responded with a “no”.
  • She goes through stages when she asks me every day for a week if she can read it (she needs to ask before she uses my computer – not to read the Blog).
  • She goes through stages when she doesn’t read anything for weeks or even months.
  • I have also asked her if SHE would like to write something to contribute her feelings – nope.


Eden has never voiced any complaints

or given me a look of

“really? you said THAT?!”

when I write what I write.



If that ever happens then I know very well at that point in time I will need to stop writing – or at least be more selective about what I write – because these are MY WORDS and not hers.


Type 1 Diabetes is HER illness – NOT MINE


I am tying to provide 

my perspective on it

my struggles with it

my feelings and our daily truth – good, bad and sometimes ugly

To spread awareness about this misunderstood disease and help those in my shoes feel as if they are not alone.


Unfortunately, forgetting to dose, not eating when she should, sneaking food and the subsequent consequences are the ugly but truthful side of living with T1D..

I do not write these things to belittle her or embarrass her but to tell our story honestly.


Eden does not get “punished” for not

getting things right all the time.

Heck – WE don’t get things right all the time…

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get things right some days..


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


We are learning together how to maneuver our way through recent changes and giving her more responsibility…  As hard as it for me to watch – she NEEDS to go through this learning curve to understand her D management… mistakes and all …

BUT – if I feel that we have given her the reins too soon and she is consistently putting her health and well being in jeopardy then yes, things will change..


Will me writing things come back to bite me in the butt at a later date? maybe? who knows…

With every age and stage of raising a child comes different challenges – I’m just sharing ours openly and honestly. At this point in time I think it is benefitting both of us as we are more understanding of each of our perspectives.

The good, bad and ugly because that is real life with T1D


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