The Club No one Wants to Join…

This video is available for viewing again!!! only for a short time – if you have yet to see it – please take the 15 minutes out of your day…
password: dxonefilm

Eden's Effort

Type 1 Diabetes is a devastating, life changing diagnosis..

I am a member of a number of FB groups where parents and T1D’s themselves can go to vent, ask for first hand knowledge and advice and generally get support. These have been invaluable for me over the last few months – just even READING that other people are experiencing what you are is incredible.

Yesterday someone posted this video – (updated 2/7/14) SORRY – The video has since been removed from the internet by the owner 😦

It is AMAZING and somewhat surreal watching EXACTLY what you go through on the computer screen in front of you… Some days you can feel so alone with this disease because for the most part people just don’t “get it”..

I do not wish this disease on anyone – but I DO WISH that people could truly understand HOW devastating, serious and utterly…

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