Fun all round….

The past week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster and a very frustrating D week..

Eden has had some major high blood sugar readings – some self inflicted – one bad infusion site – but across the board she has had stubborn highs which we believe were caused by a bad head cold that has now progressed to her chest.


Any type of illness causes blood sugars to increase as her body goes into “stress mode”


Stubborn blood sugars in the 200-300’s are not uncommon with any illness – when we have no other factors in play it is easier to manage as we can just increase her basal (background) insulin rates..


Throw in school PE daily and Cross Country practice and then you have a dilemma.. and makes it very difficult to know what to do..


  • Are the highs during the day at school solely due to illness?
  • Is she going through a growth spurt?
  • High after PE due to illness or adrenaline?
  • Do we give her the full insulin correction to bring her down?
  • High at lunch – illness or because we did not give her a full correction earlier?
  • High after Cross Country due to illness or adrenaline?
  • Do we increase her insulin – or wait it out?


I, personally would rather her be on the high end rather than her be low whilst at school ..


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest



But how aggressively do you treat the high blood sugar when everything you seem to be doing is NOT WORKING??


This is where we have run into problems this week – extreme frustration with stubborn high blood sugars all day and evening – and then the exercise catching up with Eden’s body in the middle of the night and crashing low.

But NOT consistently every night….


Making it even more difficult for me – the “out of sight – out of mind” factor.

I am SO USED to being with Eden when she exercises heavily that I KNOW exactly how hard she has pushed herself and am more likely to know how her body will react.

Now that she is at school and away from me when exercising

– it is VERY HARD to know what to do..


Eden DOES NOT wake up during the night when she has a low blood sugar nor does she feel when her blood sugar is extremely high.


That means us D-parents this week have been frustrated and worried with high blood sugars during the day that don’t respond and then worried and frustrated with low blood sugars and having sleepless nights too..

fun all around..


Hoping for a better week this week!!!



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