Started good … until it wasn’t..


Today started off awesome… 

Eden was in a great mood – had an awesome blood sugar number – was the first one ready for school (a miracle) and I didn’t have to remind her a million times to do things (double miracle)…


She usually checks in with me at 9am after PE..

didn’t get a text – or a phone call ??

hmm…. is she back to being forgetful again?


of course it is all I can think about – what WAS that blood sugar number

  • did she give herself insulin?
  • eat something?


I carry my cell phone with me EVERYWHERE..

and I mean everywhere…

when Eden is not with me..



If I go outside to take the garbage out – yup it’s with me

If I vacuum – in my hot little hand

If I go to the bathroom – placed in arms reach – just in case

Doing laundry – on the counter nearby



you get the picture… I also check it multiple times a day to be sure I didn’t miss a phone call from the school..

Honestly – it is my security blanket when she is away from me.. I don’t really use it very much otherwise



It’s now getting close to lunch time..


I check my phone – it has a symbol on it that I don’t recognize… hmmm…


no internet – thats weird…


try to send a text message – won’t send

call it from the home phone  – NOT WORKING



OMG – no wonder I didn’t hear from Eden…


email D-dad from computer – his phone isn’t working either?!


OR DIES .... image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


We are in the middle of switching over phone plans – new phones arrived today – but we DID NOT cancel the current plan – just called to get our account numbers so we would be able to do the switch when the new phones were charged and ready to go… Guess the phone company had other plans and disconnected us…


Now I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.. Eden’s phone will not be working either.. no doubt she texted earlier, but didn’t realize it did not go through.


I had plans to go out and run errands today – but now I will sit at home – The emergency contact phone numbers the school has are NOT WORKING so I am not about to leave the house and our only point of contact..


Just in case – 

yes… I know… just in case.


But you just NEVER KNOW what D has up it’s sleeve


Does that warrant panic mode?

probably not for most people…


I guarantee –

if you were a D-mom or dad you would totally and completely get it. 


2 thoughts on “Started good … until it wasn’t..

  1. Just remember God is in charge of everything and all the help is within Him after you have done everything you can do.

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