Living on the Edge ..


Knew it would happen sooner or later…


Eden just called me with her first LOW blood sugar at school..


59 – after PE @ 9.09am in the morning.. awesome


makes me feel ill, worried and scared

all at the same time.


THANK GOODNESS we didn’t have this scenario the other day when my cell phone was NOT WORKING! (you can read about that here)


I didn’t think to ask her if she actually FELT low when she called – I was too focused on giving her instructions on what she needed to do..


Of course she said she was FINE and that her next class wasn’t that far and she wanted to walk there …. ?!?!


Uh, NO !!!!



Especially dangerous because she could still be dropping after the exercise in PE


I instructed her to tell her teacher – STAY PUT – drink a juice – retest in 15 minutes

she did NOT like that suggestion – but there is NO OTHER OPTION


Being impatient with waiting she called me before the 15 minutes was up


9.18 am … 9 minutes later … blood sugar still only 69

Me: wait another 5 minutes

9.22am … 4 minutes later .. blood sugar now 72


She DESPERATELY wants to go to her next class and not have to wait any longer. She is outside so the PE teacher can be close by whilst teaching her next class and she also has a classmate with her (who is now also going to be late to class)


As her blood sugar is rising – even though only slightly – I let her eat something else and walk to her next class with instructions to test AGAIN in another 15 minutes..


It can sometimes take more than 15 minutes for the glucose to kick in and for her blood sugar to rise thus why I let her go to her next class..



– In some cases it takes MULTIPLE

glucose treatments for her blood sugar to rise at all



9.43am .. 21 minutes later… blood sugar now 100


The dilemma  – be happy with the normally awesome 100 – or give her a little more of a sugar boost?


This situation makes it very easy to over-treat and have her rebound with a high blood sugar later – not good for her body to yo-yo up and down and honestly cannot feel good.. This time I let it go to allow more time for the glucose catch up..


She won’t be testing until 1pm and that is still 3 hours away..

Oh gee… guess where my mind is going to be for the next few hours.


Would YOU like the thought and image

in your mind of your child collapsing

and having a seizure from low blood sugar?


THAT is a scary reality with Type 1 Diabetes


Living on the edge …

We live a very challenging tightrope walk –




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