Fluke or something more??? …


We quite often get comments about Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes and whether she is “under control”.


Quite honestly – NO – she isn’t


There seems to be NO controlling T1D at this point in time .. it has a mind of it’s own and does whatever the heck it wants to.

It is truly a DAILY challenge to keep her blood sugar numbers in a healthy range. MOST – if not ALL days lately, she is not within range for one part of the day or another.

image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest



I’ve written about our struggles with high blood sugar lately and Eden’s lows after PE class at school..

I was pretty certain that those low blood sugars were completely attributed to PE 


until today..


It’s Saturday but we actually kept pretty close to a normal weekday morning schedule as we were heading out to watch D-dad and Ally run an obstacle course race. (FUN!)


Approximately 10am while Eden and I are waiting and watching racers,  I see her reach for her medical kit – asking her if she feels lowshe nods yes..


blood sugar result – 65

UGH – really?


She had been grumpy and moody – I figured because she wanted to be a part of the fun..

It never crossed my mind that she would be low.

I am VERY GLAD that she felt it..


Fruit snacks and a couple of other snacks later and she was back in good range..


But WHY the sudden onslaught of

low blood sugars in the morning???


NOTHING has changed????


  • Is it a fluke?
  • Did she dose too much for her breakfast before we left the house?
  • Was she overheated waiting in the sun?


I hate jumping to conclusions and making changes to the settings on her pump


If she is low tomorrow morning – something needs to change…

then we just need to figure out WHAT?!?!


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