Just the BASICS ?! …. 


This is a current typical school day for Eden…


NOT the typical things on the mind of a 12 year old girl wanting to be a kid..

These are just T1D related…

SO much to think about and be responsible for – it is no wonder things slip through the cracks sometimes.

Although VERY hard not to get frustrated with Eden when she forgets something – this IS WHY. 

Every T1D decision you need to think just a little deeper than what just appears on the surface. 


6.15am – wake up



  • take thyroid pill
  • test blood sugar


Depending on BS result – correct with insulin or eat – (not supposed to eat for 30 mins after taking pill)


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


Get ready for school


  • reconnect insulin pump after showering
  • put blood sugar meter & phone in school bag
  • medical kit – to drop off at school office on way to first class
  • pack lunch – making sure to count ALL carbs and write down on piece of paper to dose lunch later
  • check carb count and dose insulin for breakfast – does she dose LESS carbs today to account for PE? check with D-mom


9.10am – test blood sugar AFTER PE

  • IF blood sugar number has a “ONE” in front of it – OK to text D-mom
  • BUT – need to take into account any active insulin which might be in system from breakfast
  • AND – if it is a low 100 number she will most likely need to eat something
  • OR – if out of the 100 range – need to CALL D-mom and not just text
  • IF – low blood sugar – report to teacher and drink juice or other glucose as required. STAY put and re-test blood sugar in 15 mins. Call or text D-mom again. Repeat if necessary or go to next class. Teacher to notify school nurse
  • IF – high blood sugar – possibly adrenaline induced from PE or a true high that needs insulin?


1pm – test blood sugar BEFORE LUNCH

  • same as above – text D-mom if in 100 range or CALL if out



  • to dose insulin for lunch per carb count on paper
  • notify a teacher if LOW


photo credit - Type 1 Diabetes MEMES

photo credit – Type 1 Diabetes MEMES


2.30pm – test blood sugar BEFORE XCountry practice

  • same as above – text or call D-mom
  • MOST likely will need to eat something unless blood sugar is high
  • AND – must take into account active insulin from lunch and food still digesting



  • wear belt with glucose during practice
  • IF – going off campus – give blood sugar meter and sugar stash to teacher to carry and test blood sugar at halfway point
  • text or call D-mom


3.30pm – test blood sugar AFTER XCountry practice

  • eat immediately or correct depending on blood sugar result.
  • Past history has shown us if she starts practice high – her blood sugar will continue to climb
  • GUESS – whether to give full insulin correction or whether it will come down on own over the next few hours


4pm – after school snack

  • COUNT carbs and dose insulin accordingly
  • IF – low after XC practice – need to re-test blood sugar and then eat


6pm – test blood sugar before dinner

  • same drill..
  • correct with insulin if high
  • GUESS dinner carbohydrate count and dose insulin for dinner
  • GUESS whether to dose less carbs due to exercise and/or to lower her basal rate for a few hours to pre-empt a crash in blood sugar in a few hours


9pm – test blood sugar before going to bed

  • IF high – do we do a full insulin dose due to exercise? Is it the meal causing the high – depends on what was eaten for dinner
  • IF low – eat/drink before bed to get blood sugar in a safe range for sleeping and change basal rates to get less insulin for the next few hours – re-test in 15 minutes to ensure blood sugar is rising








These hours are D-mom and D-dads responsibility.

Sometimes checking Eden’s blood sugar at hour intervals.

ALWAYS at least TWICE every night especially when exercise is involved.

May include force feeding Eden a juice or sugar or giving additional insulin






 6am – a new day – it starts ALL OVER AGAIN


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest




These are just the BASIC things that must be done and thought about daily living with Type 1 Diabetes.







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