Run, Run, Run – no wait – STOP

I LOVE watching my kids compete – especially right now where they are both running Cross Country for school.. It is by far my favorite part of the week..

I try to give them encouragement to push themselves and do the absolute best they can at any given time. Running is an individual sport but also a team sport because they are earning points for their school team.


Today – I desperately wanted Eden to STOP running

and pull out of the race…

my heart was in my throat the entire race

and I felt sick to my stomach with worry.



image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


Let me back up a little bit..

Eden came home from school with enough time to get changed and have a good snack before her 2nd Cross Country meet.

She got changed and then reached for her kit – I could tell by her demeanor – she felt low.



blood sugar test = 65


hmm… almost 1 unit of insulin still active from lunch .. WHY?!

Not the snack I was planning – but here – eat these fruit pieces and peanut butter crackers – protein and fat are good to help sustain her blood sugar levels but also good before running.

5 minutes later I load the car up with 5 other kids and off we go to the meet



in the school parking lot she tests her blood sugar again 



OK good.. that is a great number – she is on the way up and is probably still rising


She meets up with her team and coach and gets a run down of the course. She runs back over to me to hand me her pump and I tell her she needs to test again.



and she has dropped to 73


10 MINUTES before she is supposed

to run in a 1.5mile race.


CRAP… fruit pieces – crackers


ME –

is there enough time?!

she really shouldn’t run…


but she is standing at the start line with all the other racers.

I call her over – more fruit pieces


Race starting a little late thank goodness


D-dad has her test again – 78 – glucose gel



it usually takes longer than 10 minutes

for her blood sugar to rise


is she OK?

does she run or do we pull her from the race?

technically she really shouldn’t run.. a hard call to make – she is lined up and ready to go


I load D-dad’s pockets with sugar and tell him to be prepared to run

– we will watch like a hawk

– the problem is it is a long course and you can’t SEE the entire route..


Kids from other age groups as well as parents line the edges of various parts of the course to cheer the runners as they pass by. Ally and her friends come screaming up to me in the middle of the race – Eden is LOW – Eden is LOW!! Eden had started walking and Ally was trying to encourage her to run and she said she was LOW…

Eden is now on her way to the part of the course where D-dad and I are watching from. By this stage Eden is running again but looks very droopy. D-dad yells at her to not be afraid to stop and then as she passes she starts to walk again and D-dad gives her the hand to throat action as in “YOU ARE DONE” pull out STOP RUNNING!! but she starts running again and continues on…


My heart is beating out of my chest – how often do you actually WANT your child to quit..

We try to teach our kids to fight through the pain – keep going.. you can do it..

run, run run…

But in this instance my brain and heart were crying out STOP STOP STOP..


She was out of sight and I didn’t like it one little bit… I needed to know that she was OK


She was OK 

She finished the race

She wasn’t very happy with her race time – but who cares.

She was safe and OK and I was so happy to have her close by.


blood sugar after running 140


NO IDEA why she was so stubbornly low after school

NO IDEA why she rose and then dropped again right before the race


That is Type 1 Diabetes… That is why I worry so much when exercise is concerned especially when she is out of sight.


Today I really dislike T1D

I really want Eden to be able to run like the wind without a second thought…

I want to be able to thoroughly enjoy my favorite part of the week instead of it causing me more grey hairs and worry..




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