Relish in the good  .. 


Yesterday was a D – doozie! 

You can read about our Cross Country experience of yesterday (here) if you haven’t already seen it..


Just before that went down – I dealt with this… 


What can I say – dealing with health insurance companies has to be one of the LEAST fun aspects of Type 1 Diabetes.. obviously I don’t have the physical feelings that T1D imposes so that is easy for me to say..

I cannot even imagine the frustration Eden will need to endure over the rest of her lifetime to get the necessary drugs and equipment to KEEP HERSELF ALIVE.. As well as dealing with the day to day roller coaster of management..


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest



They make it SO DIFFICULT…

I started off the day so very happy – I got a call from Eden’s doctors office that she had been APPROVED from insurance to do the CGM Dexcom trial… YAY!!!!

From earlier conversations – I thought she would be able to tell me how much that would set us back since they needed to confer with insurance..



paperwork didn’t indicate a cost.

She recommended I call our insurance company…

awesome… a task I ALWAYS put off unless absolutely necessary


So – over an HOUR LATER – I basically hang up on the insurance rep on the other end of the line because he said he COULDN’T TELL ME how much I will need to pay?!?! (yeah not one of my shining moments)

But, WTH – seriously.

YOUR Company is the one that dictates how much everything costs?!

He didn’t have access to that information – it was another department – I need this – I need that, yada, yada, yada.. He seemed less than willing to help me get the info and told me to call the Dr. Office that I had just spoken to.

This is after speaking to a rep in a different department and then the claims department about a claim I sent in MONTHS ago that they keep putting me off on – now telling me they never received (conveniently because they owe ME money)


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest



SO – more time on the phone to the Dr’s office and then communicating with the Dexcom rep and at least another hour goes by.. at least I am closer to answers –  but we still don’t actually have any definitive ones. The Dr’s office doesn’t know what the insurance will actually charge and it feels like I have gone around and around in circles.. again… 

I could ramble on and on and on for hours but I won’t..

Just be thankful – if you don’t need to deal with your insurance company on a regular basis for medications and supplies that your childs life literally depends on.


Reflecting back – Today the GOOD NEWS of yesterday trumps the frustrations…


Eden GOT APPROVED for the DEXCOM… well, for a week TRIAL anyway.. hurry up October 23rd!


We are one step closer and this is VERY GOOD NEWS…


It can be very hard sometimes to adsorb and relish

in the good –

when you have to go through so many frustrations

to get there..


Another life lesson for me and shining example for

non-D peeps of behind the scenes stuff

that has to take place in relation to T1D on a regular basis.



Have I said that before?


I don’t think I said it loud enough…

WE NEED A CURE!!!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Relish in the good  .. 

  1. Oh boy do I hear what you’re saying! Thinking of the constant struggles with insurance and other medical personnel that my son will face in the future keeps me up nights and makes me cry. It also makes me want to take a Hatori Hanzo sword to some but we won’t talk about that.

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