Now it is said…


Yesterday I struggled with what to write about.. so I didn’t write..




Well, not because there isn’t something always happening with D, but because I didn’t want what I was going to say to come across the wrong way and I wasn’t exactly sure how to say it.

I pretty much ALWAYS have a thought about D or something to say..


Here goes….


Yesterday – I was feeling disappointed.

Honestly, VERY disappointed and hurt..



Eden has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes for just over 4 years now..

We have been living with the worry, fear and anguish of this disease for FOUR YEARS


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest



We have ONLY fundraised ONCE in those 4 years to try to raise $$ for a cure. When we did it was only 6 months after diagnosis and we managed to raise over $7000 !!!!

WAY MORE than we ever anticipated and at the time we were overwhelmed with love and support and we had just moved to CA..


4 years later ..

there is still NO CURE



And we have BARELY raised $1000 …


  • Is it because she isn’t as young so it seems to be not as sad and unfair?
  • Is it because I have started sharing our lives and so people have become numb to it?
  • Is it because people feel like DIABETES doesn’t matter??
  • Is it because Eden looks too healthy so it can’t be THAT bad?
  • Do I need to post the sad pictures of her when dealing with a LOW or getting jabbed with needles?


I don’t KNOW the answer…


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


For 4 years we have decided NOT to do the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.


More of a subconscious decision on my part

A HUGE reason was because I didn’t think that I would be able to handle the emotional side of seeing SO MANY Type 1 kids and families in one place.

SO MANY families dealing with the daily struggles that we face because we lived in our own little D bubble… hiding a lot of the emotions and fear that we were living with daily.


I am finally breaking out of that D bubble –

speaking up for the world to hear –

and am probably going to cry and cry and cry when I see all of those faces at the Walk..

But I am putting my feelings and emotions aside and doing it..

BECAUSE WE NEED A CURE for this disease.


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


For the parents, for the families, for the kids and for the entire T1D Community.


I had such a grand vision of the big group of people we would have walking with us – standing in our corner and showing us support..

A sea of Team BE – Eden’s Effort t-shirts rallying around us and showing us that it matters and they care…


It hasn’t happened.. 


and quite honestly it breaks my heart,

really stings and makes me feel like no-one cares

No one wants to feel like they aren’t important –

or the fight they are fighting isn’t worth fighting for.



BUT – that’s how I was feeling yesterday… that’s what I was struggling with saying..

Now it is said.


4 thoughts on “Now it is said…

  1. I completely understand. I struggle with this as well. I posted a heart-felt message on facebook about our upcoming Walk to Cure and subtly asked for support and donations. I got 5 likes and a promise to donate. That’s it! My knee-jerk reaction was to quit facebook in disgust and cut off a few not immediate family members (some are well off and wouldn’t miss $25). The reality is that these people don’t live it, we do. We get the importance of fundraising for money to support the research and efforts to improve the care of and ultimately cure this disease. So on our Walk Day, my family will join with many others to support my son and other type ones. And on your event day, walk for Eden because in the end, supporting our d-kids is the only thing that matters. Hugs to you!

  2. I am 23 and was diagnosed in Dec as type 1. It threw a monkey wrench into the works, completely changed my plan. I’ve since spent months fighting with insurance companies and had to get a full time job on top of going to college full time just to afford my insulin and supplies. I would donate if I could and I wish my community had the support you bring to yours. But as it is, there’s nothing. When I was diagnosed I had 2 doctors tell me I did this to myself, including the er doctor who diagnosed me. So please don’t give up, what you do for those of us who have no other support or d community is beyond words.

    • wow – thank you… your comment brought me to tears.. It really is a tough thing to battle when everything seems stacked against you. I will continue, even though some days I don’t feel as if it is appreciated – on those days I will think of you xo

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