D Gods – I hope you are listening!


Oh – boy…

My poor kid can’t seem to catch a break lately.

On Monday Eden FINALLY got the cast off her arm due to her broken thumb. She was so happy and relieved, had been in the door literally 5 minutes and had her basketball out and was dribbling around the house.


4 weeks with no basketball with a basketball obsessed kid feels like a lifetime!

Trust me – even I was feeling the ramifications – it usually rules our schedule and weekends..


I emailed her coach to say she was finally back in action and he invited her to play in a tournament this weekend. Honestly, I was unsure if she would be ready since she had been out of action for so long so D-dad and I were going back and forth on the issue. Dr. said he felt fine with her returning as long as we taped it – so maybe we should too? Well, to practice anyway – not to a 3 game in one day tournament…


Still undecided and the phone rings..


Hello – This is so and so from so and so SCHOOL – we have Eden here in the nurses office…

Things now go into slow motion… and in a split second a million things cross my mind.. fear, worry and panic about what words are about to come next..

Eden has cut her foot pretty badly – could you please come and get her. (not verbatim)



Phew – well not PHEW, but you know what I mean..

No serious low blood sugar episode,

emergency or ambulance being called.


I drop everything and drive over to the school – having NO IDEA what I am going to encounter. It is only about 30 minutes until the end of the school day so there is already a huge line of cars waiting to pick up kids.

Her sister Ally is pulled from class so I can take them both and comes in with a worried, confused look on her face. The staff brings Eden hobbling out with a concerned look on her face. I guess it was bleeding a LOT and when I asked if it they thought it required stitches I got a look of – yeah – probably..


Oh BOY..

2nd time to Urgent Care in a month for Eden.

2nd time to a Dr in 2 days


No stitches required (no skin left to stitch!) – but she has been left with a nice big gouge/gash on the top of her big toe. Good thing I don’t get squeemish with wounds..

No closed toe shoes for the next 5 days.

That means no PE, NO Cross Country and NO Basketball.. (our tournament dilemma answered)


Antibiotics an ABSOLUTE MUST – an open foot injury on a Type 1 Diabetic can turn bad very quickly. We are constantly reminded of horror stories of toe/foot and leg amputations due to Diabetes from the well meaning public.


T1D means slow wound healing  –

Bacteria LOVES the sugar that courses through her veins

making it much more prone to infection.


Injury and illness usually cause a rise in blood sugars which is not good in this case – we need to try to wrangle her blood sugars in line as much as we can to stave off infection and we need to watch the wound very closely…

SO – tomorrow I won’t have the worry of a repeat of last weeks Cross Country meet episode (see horror story here) – but that has now been replaced with the worry of an infection setting in on her foot.



blood sugars you better behave yourself this week!


D-Gods – I’m talking to YOU!


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


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