Too Good to be True … ??


For those of you who have been reading regularly – you will know that Eden has finally agreed to explore the option of getting a CGM (continuous glucose monitor)

We have broached this subject on and off over the years – but now that she is really wanting more independence she has agreed and we took the steps to get going on a trial. The BEST part – because of some super smart D-parents, WE will be able to see her blood sugar readings from afar (read about THAT amazing technology here)


Insurance approved her week trial and we have been scheduled for Eden to start with the Dr office on October 23rd.. can’t wait! 


Approval for the trial DOES NOT mean approval for the actual device – we will still need to jump through some more hoops for that to happen.

I know for sure they require 60 days of blood sugar logs – showing she tests her blood sugar at least 4 times a day.. 

Seriously? only 4?

Yeah – thats not going to be a problem

– we average 10 here!


Before the trial starts, I did ask them to find out how much our insurance will cover and how much our out-of-pocket expenses will be.

Well, I heard back and did NOT believe my eyes..


Apparently the deductible is WAIVED and we are only responsible for 20% of the costs

– based on the contracted amount with the insurance company.

WAY less than anticipated and seems WAY TOO GOOD to be true..


I asked to see it in writing and of course it states in capital letters


I spoke with someone else yesterday and they recommended I contact my insurance to get confirmation – yeah – that’s not going to happen after my experience last week.. I got absolutely nowhere and wasted a lot of time..


I hate to be so cynical and skeptical

– but this is HEALTH INSURANCE

we are talking about here..


I will truly get excited when she is approved and we know exactly what we are expected to pay.. we haven’t even done the trial yet.. ?!

Eden might HATE IT ..

I know WE as parents will LOVE it because it will give us some extra peace of mind and another tool to help manage her blood sugars..

But EDEN is the one who will have to wear another medical device attached to her body 24/7 – and be responsible for yet another thing to carry around and learn how to use. (see here to learn more about it)


Probably best not to get too ahead of myself..


2 thoughts on “Too Good to be True … ??

  1. For what my 2 cents is worth:

    If Eden’s experience with Dexcom is anything like mine, her heart will be won over within the first hour. It is difficult to put into words how mind-blowing it is to go from knowing your blood sugar the 5-15 times you manually test each day to now having an idea of your blood sugar on a near-constant basis. Sure, it is technology and nothing is perfect, but Dexcom is more than I ever could have asked for.

    I know that at her age I would not have wanted things attached to me, and this fancy stuff was not really around when I was Eden’s age, so I cannot speak from experience there. Some things that parents suggest on a great Dexcom Facebook group (the Dexcom closed group with the red apple logo- I highly suggest joining it) is that they have bartered a bit with their kids/teens. “Try the Dex out for one week, see if you like it,” etc. That power struggle was always a big deal to me as an adolescent, and heck, it still is in my mid-twenties. If she gets some say in the matter, she might allow herself to see the benefits of Dex more. And if she doesn’t like it, life goes on and plenty of diabetics have done fine without these technologies in their care throughout history. That is up to her. But my money would be on Dex impressing all of you within the first day of testing it out.

    Good luck!

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