Tracking the Chaos…


Eden’s blood sugars the last few days have been GREAT.. actually really, really great!

I have yet to add a few to the log – but LOOK at this – This right here represents a GREAT week for us!




Our life in a nutshell..


Lot and Lots of numbers – and trying to figure out patterns and the why’s and hows..

Mostly the reason for such a great week  – NO PE, or exercise AT ALL..

I KNOW – exercise is a good thing – but it often makes things very difficult for us numbers wise.


The 300’s you see on Monday were due to a non-active PE session with extra carbs on board to account for exercise that didn’t actually happen..

yup – 10gm of extra carbs with zero insulin


an email to teachers, hours of high blood sugars, extra insulin,

a trip to the office to test for ketones, multiple phones calls and finger pricks.. 


Would have been handy at the time to KNOW that there was no activity in PE – but hey.. Eden didn’t think about it at the time, nor did it even cross her mind that she would need to dose for the extra carbs.

The other up/down roller coaster numbers we don’t really KNOW why.. it just happens.. and IS



log 2


The above picture is the week before.. a total mess of scribbled notes and the chaos that was..


Unfortunately I anticipate the return of the chaotic mess tonight

back to PE, XCountry AND basketball …  all in one day..


this ought to be interesting..


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