Decisions, Decisions….


Miss Eden came to the car after XCountry practice this afternoon wanting to stay and watch the volleyball game.


She gets NO freedom outside of school – so how could I say no?


  • Problem #1 – she tested her blood sugar and was 76 (after intense exercise)
  • Problem #2 – no one on the school campus would be D trained after hours
  • Problem #3 – yesterday 1 hour after XC practice she dropped to a lovely blood sugar level of 49


Did I have the heart to tell her no?



She doesn’t ask for much and she is trying so hard to be responsible and do what needs to be done.

Trying to race away from the car to be with her friends:


  • I have her eat fruit pieces and a snack – only dosing half of the usual required insulin.  
  • I have her reduce her basal insulin rates to 50% of the usual dose to try to help stave off a possible low blood sugar.


She grabs her medical kit, phone and promises to keep in touch


Is she happy?

The smile on her face and the skip in her step says it all…


I get home and text to remind her to retest her blood sugar in 10 minutes – I don’t get a response..

Awesome – her ringer is still off from during the school day


Am I a little anxious – absolutely

Do I need to let go and let her do her thing – absolutely

Will I be waiting with phone in hand – absolutely..


20 minutes later – still nothing?

Did I make the right decision? Only time will tell ..


finally – blood sugar 117

big sigh of relief.. at least it is going in the right direction



Type 1 Diabetes NEVER takes a break –

it affects every single decision –

even something as seemingly trivial

as watching a volleyball game.


We are making medical decisions

multiple times a day to keep her safe,

ALIVE and healthy.


Decisions that we can easily get wrong

because D has a mind of its own..



2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions….

  1. Wow! What an enlightening blog on type 1 diabetes!! I was made aware the challenges from talking to you both but didn’t realize that the ongoing challenges that poor Eden has to endure and how it must be so difficulty to balance her safety with letting her live as normal a life as possible. She is an amazing kid and you are such wonderful parents! Please give Eden a big hug from us! Hoping to get Alexa to one of the Sunday basketball clinics soon! Eden was so sweet with her last time Alexa participated!!

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