Gobsmacked … wishing I said more


Today our family went to a farmers market…

Strolling amongst the stalls I catch a glimpse of a sign with a picture of a blood sugar meter.


It takes me a minute to register what I am seeing –

As I turn to walk away I decide to go back and take a closer look. 


There were THREE large poster boards with information relating to “diabetes” – blood sugar testing – AIC, healthy eating, exercise, etc, etc, etc.


NO WHERE was there a mention of Type 1 OR Type 2 Diabetes.


As I was looking at them from a distance, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I would like my BLOOD SUGAR TESTED.

NOT what I was expecting to come out of his mouth..?!

Turns out they were doing free health screenings (blood sugar testing), trying to educate people about diabetes and the PREVENTION of diabetes –  TYPE 2 DIABETES….

BUT – there was NO MENTION whatsoever about Type 2 Diabetes on any of the information they were displaying..


I kindly declined to have my blood sugar tested and explained that my daughter was a Type 1 Diabetic. I then kindly asked him WHY there was no mention of Type 2 Diabetes..


his response.. 

People don’t know the difference and it confuses them?!?!?!



why you should be TELLING people!


It took everything within me to remain cool, calm and collected and not make a scene embarrassing Eden and my family as I explained to him that is precisely the reason WHY the public NEEDS to be educated..

The sad truth –

A HUGE missed opportunity. Educators taking the easy way out instead of helping to clear up the confusion and misunderstandings that plague the community.. Further compounding WHY many people think that Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes can be reversed with diet and exercise.


I wish I wasn’t so gobsmacked – there was so much I wanted to say but I didn’t..

I sure hope he took to heart what I did actually manage to get out of my mouth and change the way he educated future visitors to the booth.

Unfortunately,  I walked away wishing I had said more…


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