THIS picture …



I found this picture the other day whilst trolling Pinterest for T1D related information.


The simplicity of it speaks volumes ..


Jonah is quite obviously wise beyond his years and an inspiration to SO many.. Coincidentally, he is the SAME child (now older) that wanted to start the Free Diabetics Movement that I have written about previously (read about that here)


I posted the picture on the Eden’s Effort FB Page – with the comment …


“on one hand I wish everyone could understand

– on the other I don’t want to see another single T1D diagnosis..

we need a cure.”



THIS PICTURE has struck a chord with people – I cannot believe how many people have shared it and viewed it… JUST from my page alone.


I believe wholeheartedly with this message and obviously so do many others within the T1D community.


Because it is the TRUTH.

If more people lived the T1D life – more people would understand it – and fight with us.


The thing is – A CURE for us – also means a chance that NO MORE people will need to be diagnosed with this lifelong, incurable disease.




unfortunately tomorrow

YOUR child might need a cure too








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