Nerves AND exercise – not a good mix…


Eden has been back playing her beloved basketball for one week now after her broken thumb..

Last night she attended a girls only clinic (she plays on a boys team) and was one of the older more experienced girls there.

Coach knows her well and put her through her paces – sometimes making her do many more reps than the other girls. Fine by me – sometimes she needs to be pushed and I am always happy when the coaches recognize that and don’t let her coast.

Something else happened too – he asked her to lead some of the ball handling exercises. And by that I mean stand in the center of a large circle of girls, demonstrate and call out the exercises.


NOT really big deal..

Except for the fact that Eden does NOT like to be the center of attention – all eyes were on her…


What does that mean?

She was nervous – Nerves drive blood sugar numbers UP.

  • First blood sugar check – slightly elevated – she got a small correction of insulin
  • Second check – even more elevated – not unusual due to adrenaline.

I decided not to give any additional insulin because I was worried she might drop too low with 1 hour left to go


After : 1.5 hours of drills and ball handling and 1 hour of scrimmage play.





oh boy…

that is by far the HIGHEST

she has EVER been after basketball…

nerves and adrenaline

were a not her friend last night…


For those of you who are unaware – a blood sugar range within 80-180 is acceptable. 

Eden’s ideal target blood sugar is 110-120 – anything outside of these parameters and we need to adjust her insulin dosages.


She was almost FIVE TIMES higher than she should have been…


Even more difficult –

  • Knowing that she NEEDS insulin immediately to bring the blood sugar level down.
  • But ALSO knowing that once her body settles down so will her blood sugar levels.
  • Being basically bed time – knowing what to do so she doesn’t bottom out and crash in the middle of the night.


By some MIRACLE –

I managed to get the balancing act right last night.


After giving her HALF the insulin usually required to bring her down from such a high blood sugar – I actually also reduced her basal (background insulin infused 24hrs a day via her pump) for most of the overnight hours.

Seems like an oxymoron to GIVE her insulin but also TAKE AWAY insulin but it worked..


A few over night finger prick checks and insulin tweaks later

This is what we saw this morning..





BIG D win…

not sure I will ever be able to repeat it mind you

– but happy to celebrate this little victory. 😄


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