Being a kid… 


It probably wouldn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of people – but it’s just another thing .. something else that stinks about D.

WHY do SO MANY things at school seem to include food????


Maybe I am just hyper sensitive to it –

but I KNOW there are kids not in the D world that have food allergies or intolerances that need to be monitored..


A few weeks ago – there was a “Candyland” themed event..

fun and games that – you guessed it – revolved around CANDY..


I DID have a heads up – but ONLY because Eden’s sister was one of the older kids organizing the event. I obviously shared my disapproval with her – but was met with –

“MOM – it’s part of being a KID… Kids LIKE CANDY!!!”


Eden came home with a loot bag after the event – the majority of the kids most likely devoured their candy then and there. Munching as they went without a thought in the world. Candy as prizes that Eden couldn’t eat, but collected instead.  There was one particular event she couldn’t even do because it consisted of biting a sugar coated “candy ring” off a string.. (this is one I know of – there could have been more)


Would YOUR CHILD be happy to watch everyone around them eat candy ?


I know it isn’t fair for all the kids to miss out due to MY child – but when she is ALWAYS the one that misses out – it STINKS!

Eden really doesn’t complain a lot – but I can tell by her attitude that she FEELS like she misses out – even though she doesn’t necessarily have to…


Because she CAN eat candy..

sometimes its just too hard and she chooses not to.


that was a few weeks ago… 



In science class they have been making solar ovens. Today they got to test them out by cooking smores..

Sure – Eden could have tested, tried to check carbs, guess or call me – but she didn’t want to stand out – make a fuss or be different so she MISSED OUT on smores.. that the entire class was eating. (her partner was happy – she got 2) 


YES – it was her choice to miss out.. but it still isn’t fair when you KNOW she wanted to eat it!

Candy and smores and the little treats in life are totally part of being a KID..


I’m SO super proud of her..

Eden is growing up fast – escalated by the fact that having Type 1 Diabetes forces her to grow up that much faster by NOT being able to do things that seem so ordinary for other kids her age.


Countdown to the next school food related event..  10 days

Formal School Dance and Fall Carnival – all on the same night…

I’ll be darned if she misses out that night..


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