Over reacting??? possibly… 


Eden’s school is having a Fall Formal Dance for the 6-8th graders next Friday…

Eden is not particularly fond of dancing – or dresses – but would like to go because a lot of her friends will be going.

Of course, I would never deny her the chance..


Apart from the fact that I will need to buy her a dress that will most likely NEVER be worn again – I have other concerns that instantly popped into my brain when I found out about it.


D concerns..

  • The cost of the dance includes a meal – hmmmm….
  • Will there be anyone D trained available?
  • All electronics to be turned off and stored – yeah, thats not going to work…


The dance actually coincides with the schools Fall Carnival so Eden also wants to get out of the dance and head straight to the carnival.


As soon as I found out about the dance I emailed the school.. just trying to find out more about the menu, to make sure Eden wouldn’t get in trouble for using her cell phone to contact me and also verifying that someone D trained would be in attendance.

I have to admit –

even though I ASKED the question about a D trained person –

I ASSUMED that it would be a non-issue…

The school has been FANTASTIC in relation to Eden’s diabetes management and following the 504 plan we have in place.


This afternoon –

when I had approximately 2 minutes

spare to get 6 kids out of the house

to a XCountry meet.

The phone rang.


Caught me completely off guard –

it was the school district..


Basically, she said that since the Fall Formal Dance was “optional” that they did NOT need to provide a “nurse”..

they only need to do that for school activities, such as field trips..

what? huh??!

I don’t really WANT a nurse – just someone trained in Glucagon – just in case.

The SAME THING that is required by LAW for other extra curricular activities such as XCountry…

Field trips are “optional” – XC is “optional”..


WHY should Eden miss out because she has T1D ?!?!?!


I was NOT HAPPY to say the least – I honestly don’t really even remember the entire conversation – except for the fact that I said I would be looking into the matter further and so should she.


Diabetes affects everything..


Was I over reacting?? possibly…. 


I have now calmed down, had time to reflect and run my issue past some amazing D parents in one of my FB support groups that have been there and done that..

  • Some were steaming mad along with me – others offered advice and calming words.
  • Some said as long as her friends know to get her a juice, etc it will be fine. (her friends know nothing)
  • Most who had many more years of experience than me basically said to RELAX and let her go to the dance..


D trained person or not – I WILL allow Eden to go to the dance.. relaxing might not be happening though..

I’m not quite there yet… 


4 thoughts on “Over reacting??? possibly… 

  1. Unfortunately, because it is an “after hours” activity, the district does not have to provide someone trained in administering glucagon. They should, but they aren’t “mandated”. Are there teacher’s chaperoning? If so, if your district is like ours, they should be trained. By the way, field trips should all be covered if they are sanctioned by the school and are held during school hours.

    It sucks. Just one of the many things that sucks about having T1D. If you are seriously worried, you can volunteer to chaperone. Although I know that wouldn’t be Eden’s first choice.

    • I disagree… it IS a school event – a special event or reward for students that have maintained 100 points. Eden technically has a disability – if it was a student in a wheelchair and they didn’t provide wheelchair access because it was after hours all hell would break loose. no different. thankfully we have a kick butt nurse who went to bat for us. she gets it – the district called today and will have someone on the premises. I know Eden would be fine – but it is a matter of principal… I wont stop fighting for my girl – someone has to.

  2. I’m so glad you fought for this. I looked all over Ed Code today for it and asked several administrators about it. They all told me because it wasn’t during regular school hours they aren’t “mandated” to provide it. However, it sounds like your school stepped up and did the right thing. Kuddos to your school nurse for knowing to do what’s right and to you for fighting for your girl. Of course you won’t stop fighting for her, it’s who you are. She is lucky to be able to call you mum.

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