Feeling Vindicated…


With D – you have to take the wins when you can get them..

no matter HOW little..


celebrate the in range numbers – celebrate nailing a carb count.. just celebrate


some days everything seems like a battle and you are at war over one thing or another..

you HAVE to celebrate where you can..


  • Thursday was WAR
  • Friday was declaring a truce and mopping up the pieces
  • Saturday was winning…


Today I feel vindicated..


I WON the battle with the insurance company who decided on Thursday they wanted to charge me $300 for Eden’s insulin.. YAY!

I WON the battle with the school district. (you can read more about that here)


I was calling a truce and wasn’t going to even fight –

choosing to pick my battles and save my energy for a different fight down the road.


BUT unbeknownst to me the district nurse was going to bat for us – advocating for Eden to the district – and they called ME…

Love our nurse – we are extremely lucky. She knows my kid, she knows D – she GETS IT


oh – and Eden also played in her first basketball tournament in a long time today due to her various injuries…

2 back-to-back games that they WON by 20+ points each.. YAY TEAM..

AND her blood sugars are cooperating.. 🙂


winning… is the theme of the day – I will TAKE IT


Too bad we will miss the championship basketball game tomorrow – but we have a more important place to be….

The JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes is tomorrow!



Be Brave

Be Strong

Be Proud





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