A Day to Remember …


What can I say.. Today was AWESOME…!


The day we have been counting down for months finally arrived..

💙The JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Walking to help turn Type 1 into Type NONE.💙



Tally so far – we have raised $4920 …

to go towards finding a CURE… WOW!




We had an AMAZING turnout – it was so wonderful to look out and see a

SEA of Team BE shirts there to support Eden and our family.

(click here for more pics on the FB page if interested)



AND – even more amazing – the fact that I did NOT CRY…

I started to lose it a couple of times, but managed to stay as strong and brave as I could 😉


A LOT of the time – living with Type 1 Diabetes completely and utterly sucks..

This morning was NOT one of those times..



Well, until we got home and I thought we were going to need to use the glucagon..  yikes… !

T1D just HAD to make an appearance somehow!


Eden tested her blood sugar and was only 50 – pretty darn low.

WITH 5 units of insulin still actively working in her system

that is a LOT of insulin for Eden and an extremely dangerous situation


that right there is a perfect example of eating without knowing exact carb counts, exercising, and not testing blood sugar before eating because of continual snacking… 

scary moment – but we got through it and she is now feeling fine.



not going to ruin today no matter how hard you try!




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