Todays Guessing Game … 


Type 1 Diabetes is quite honestly sometimes a big guessing game


Yes, sometimes these are somewhat educated guesses.

We do what has worked in the past

– or –

We make modifications because things did NOT work out too well…


I have mentioned before Eden has MULTIPLE insulin dosages throughout the day and night..

Different carb ratios, different basal rates

and different correction factors. 


ALL of these things work together (supposedly in harmony)

to give Eden the most accurate dosage of insulin possible to keep her blood sugars in range.

If one of them is out of whack – we will experience out of whack blood sugars!



The challenge when something is out of whack is to figure out WHICH one of these is the problem and what to do to solve it.


Is it none of these things at all???


Example: Is her blood sugar too high?


  • First thought is usually going to be questioning whether Eden remembered to dose her insulin.

We don’t BLAME her – we just verify whether she did or did not so that we know how to move forward to FIX the problem..

  • Was the carb count off?
  • Does her site need changing?
  • Is it adrenaline fueled or is she getting sick?


Regardless of the culprit – she needs INSULIN.. 


Sometimes we will never find the culprit – it is just a once off occasion – we fix it and move on.

If it is a consistent issue at the same time of day (or after the same type of food) then we need to re-evaluate her insulin dosages and settings to ensure she gets the extra insulin that she needs..


I have been carefully monitoring Eden’s lunch time blood sugar numbers lately. They have been consistently HIGH right before lunch at school for a week now – with no explainable reason…

Time to increase her insulin – something I always hate jumping to conclusions on until there is a definite trend..

there is now a trend… a glaring trend…



Looking for the culprit…


One thing I DO KNOW – it is not her carb ratios

her blood sugar has been PERFECT after PE – so we are doing something right in the morning for breakfast and allowing for 1st period PE class.


The only other explanation was her basal rates.. SO – this afternoon I made some tweaks and will cross my fingers..

This was a super tricky one to try to figure out because we were dealing with several different basal rates over a 4 hour period. Knowing what time range and which rate to change in this instance was really a shot in the dark.


Lets hope I did a reasonable job at todays

guessing game with insulin –


the drug/medicine/hormone

that keeps her alive but can easy kill her too ..

All in a days work dealing with T1D.


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