Working the System ..


It is a well known fact – when kids approach their teenage years they often start to push their boundaries and rebel.

  • Teens are more independent
  • Teens are hormonal and moody
  • Teens are given more freedom
  • Teens are learning how to and trying to fit in
  • Teens are more responsible (supposedly)
  • Teens also think they know everything and that they are invincible

It is also a well known fact

that when it comes to the care of

Type 1 Diabetes during the teen years

that it can fall off track..

Badly off track.


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest



D-mom and D-dad are more the observers –

coaching from the sidelines –

in respect to many aspects of D management.


It is part of life –

the years when kids are growing into their own..

spreading their wings and learning to fly.


For Eden or any D-teen this includes

a LOT of additional responsibilities..

things that matter – REALLY MATTER

to her immediate and long term

health and wellbeing.


Eden still NEEDS assistance with many of the intricacies..

she doesn’t THINK she does..


  • Eden doesn’t consider how much active insulin is still working in her body before she starts exercising
  • Eden doesn’t change her own insulin pump sites yet
  • Eden doesn’t manage her blood sugars during the night
  • Eden doesn’t think about temp basals, or increasing basals, or carb ratios or even adjusting carb counts.
  • Eden doesn’t often think about heavy meals and dosing her insulin for these over a period of time


We are gradually teaching her these things – it can be complicated and we don’t always do the same thing twice in a row. It is HARD to teach things when quite often we are flying by the seat of our pants.

We HOPE that she is paying attention and adsorbing the information as we go – but a lot of the time she is on auto-pilot.. just pressing buttons on her pump – nodding, agreeing but not really listening.


Teens are also easily influenced

don’t want to feel different,

or stand out from their peers or have to

CALL THEIR MOTHER for assistance..



Eden has recently figured out a way to “work the system”


We have guidelines in place when she is at school. She needs to text/call at certain times throughout the day to report her blood sugar numbers.

  • If they are within a certain range – then texting is fine – otherwise a phone call is needed.
  • If she is LOW – she needs to report it to a teacher – so that teacher can notify the school nurse
  • If she is LOW – she needs to eat and re-test to make sure her blood sugar rises
  • If she is HIGH – I like to be able to notify her teachers – because it affects her school work
  • If she is consistently HIGH – she may need to re-test to make sure she is coming down.
  • If she is consistently HIGH – she may need to go to the office to test for ketones


All of these guidelines are put into place to keep her SAFE while she is at school. We have given her more freedom and independence this year because we know she is capable and she can do many of the necessary things to care for herself.

BUT she does not think ahead of the possible consequences of NOT doing these things.


A few times over the past few months I have had my suspicions of some of her actions but was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Today it seems obvious – she has figured out a way to work the system and NOT follow our guidelines..

A loophole that isn’t really a loophole – but it’s fudging the ACTUAL blood sugar number she reports to me to avoid having to re-test or go to the office or need to call me multiple times.

It happened TWICE yesterday.. 


She knows I am on to her – I have been watching and logging her numbers carefully for weeks now… so I know when they don’t add up…


We will be having a conversation this afternoon .. I understand WHY she is doing it but I don’t like it and it cannot continue to happen.

Don’t get me wrong – she has been doing a GREAT JOB

doing what needs doing – and we praise her for it.


of how much she has taken on this year

without really skipping a beat.


D management is a LOT of work

on top of everything

else she has going on..


BUT – she needs to know that I see what she is doing.

If we let this go – and she gets away with it – what will follow?

I need to be able to trust that she is doing the right thing. She needs to WANT to do the right thing.


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


Finding a way to discuss this is going to be a delicate balance.

Then we will have to come up with a solution that keeps us both happy..

oh the joy.. never a dull moment.


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