D – Please STOP !


I have NO IDEA what is happening with Eden’s blood sugars at school?

I am beyond frustrated – I’m SURE she feels like crap.. and it is terrible for her body.


All I want to do is FIX IT

but I can’t seem to figure out what is happening…


Eden has had:

  • great morning blood sugar numbers
  • great blood sugar numbers after PE (1st period )
  • but by the time she gets to lunch she is in the 300-400’s..


Today – she was 489 ?!?!



This only started happening last week.


Once she eats her lunch and has insulin her numbers are back to normal after school

I have tried raising her basal rates between 9am and 1pm – it has done NOTHING – she is even HIGHER




Eden suggested yesterday that maybe she isn’t having a big enough breakfast because lately she has been starving by the time lunch came around.


It makes me SO HAPPY that after my complaining yesterday – that she was actually thinking about what could be the cause!


Extreme hunger is a side effect of high blood sugar – but hunger can also stress the body and raise blood sugar..


SO –

Eden had a bigger breakfast today ..

it obviously didn’t work.

I suggested she take a snack too – she decided against doing that..


It can’t be adrenaline induced due to PE because that would cause her to crash later in the afternoon..





I guess we will try a bigger breakfast AND a snack tomorrow and see what happens??


I hate to raise her basal rates too much – but nothing else is really making sense right now.

WHY all of a sudden?!?!


I swear –

some days I just want to take D

into a dark alley and beat it with a stick.

D you are so cruel and unpredictable ..

Please STOP




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