D strikes again…

This morning was not a very pleasant morning in our household…

I won’t go into details – but there was quite a bit of attitude flying around the kitchen from all angles and we didn’t get off to a great start..


Eden’s blood sugar soared into the 300’s at her morning check after PE at school

Soared in the 300’s again at lunch time.


She had a XCountry party after school to celebrate the end of the season and I got a text from her right before the XC party as we had discussed.


Last night I had told Eden that I DID NOT want her to miss out on ANY of the foods that were going to be at the party. She has been doing a wonderful job swagging (D term for guessing – see here) lately and I was going to be darned if she was going to stand by and watch all of her friends and peers eat and be merry without her. If she had questions she could call me – or text a picture – otherwise.




We had the best of intentions –  that didn’t work out so great…


Her blood sugar had come down nicely from her lunch time HIGH, but in her text she said she wasn’t going to eat..




Eden’s pump alarmed this morning in the midst of all the drama – I saw her changing her battery and was VERY impressed that she was doing that on her own and paying attention to the alarm. (I didn’t even hear it) Her pump must have ALSO been alarming to the fact that she was getting low on insulin.




This was part of our conversation ..

When she said she had 1 unit left – I thought she meant she had 1 unit of active insulin still on board..

NOPE – she didn’t have enough insulin in her pump to HAVE any of the food available at the party..



good grief.. 

D Strikes AGAIN


I am incredibly impressed that she actually CHECKED how much insulin she had before diving straight in to the food.

How sad is it that she is so used to missing out that she knows the drill..


She came home with a plate of 3 cookies, a brownie, candy and some other sugar filled treats..


Quietly I am breathing a sigh of relief that she didn’t have enough insulin in her pump.

If that is what she brought home, I hate to think what she would have eaten given free reign.. 😳







2 thoughts on “D strikes again…

  1. Hi Eden, I just read this blog. I don’t know you or your family, but I know someone who forwarded this post. I’m sorry to hear you missed out on being able to eat all those fun treats at your party while you we’re celebrating. I’m a nurse and I frequently take care of people while also helping them to control their blood sugars. I want to say I am very proud to see how you are in charge of your own BG, insulin pump and ultimately your health. It’s refreshing. With close monitoring and insulin modifications you can be very successful in managing your DM and keeping yourself heathy. I can only imagine how hard it is to have to test your sugars, cover your sugars and count carbs on a consistent basis, but it sounds like you’re doing a fantantastic job. I’m sure you are very inspirational to many. I wish you the best!!

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