And so it continues…


D is not our friend lately… not that it ever really IS our friend – but some days it is easier to live with D than others..

We are STILL trying to figure out why Eden is SO high at school by lunch. Her numbers were pretty good and steady all weekend – the routine was a little different – but not THAT different.. I even had her test more often in the late morning to see when the rise was starting – and of course it didn’t start.

BAM – back to school – back to high numbers?!?!

Not only are we dealing with that complete and utter puzzle –


Last night was sleepless –

dealing with blood sugar numbers in the 400’s



Excuse the french :)

Excuse the french 🙂


I changed her insulin pump site yesterday afternoon when she got home from school – after the XC party mess.. She ate some of her treats – ate her dinner and her blood sugar was 224 when I had her check at 8pm. I wasn’t surprised – the treats were total swag guesses.. so it wasn’t too bad a number given that fact.


Upon going to bed just after 9pm she asked if I wanted to have her test again…

I said NO – I would check her later.. 

She had corrected the 224 with insulin and I didn’t see the need for ANOTHER finger prick

hmm… hindsight 20/20 on that one..


Later came around and she was 446 ..

yup – you read that right – 446



My thoughts – either she snuck something to eat or she was having a delayed spike from dinner..


She was sound asleep – I find her pump and give her a correction dose of insulin… 3 units.. that is a LOT of insulin for her – especially in the middle of the night.

I go back to bed – can’t sleep.. keep thinking to myself – CRAP – I should have cleaned her finger and re-tested.

What if she had sugar on her finger and I just gave her a bucket load of insulin she doesn’t need ?!


bad mother moment – but some times it is VERY hard to think straight when you are half asleep.


I get up ..

Clean finger – check again.. so much for not giving her the extra finger prick earlier…


Phew – but DARN IT!


an hour later – 349 

ok – coming down – that’s good..


2 hours after that – 422

good lord – WTH…

check for ketones – another finger prick.. we are in the clear


at this point in time (4.30am ) I am convinced that her newly inserted site is not functioning

Sleepy thoughts… Do I correct with her pump again – or go get a syringe and give her insulin manually?

I should REALLY change her site then and there – but it is such an invasion of her body that I don’t like to do that in the middle of the night.. getting her in the correct position whilst she is asleep is impossible and she fights me. I could wake her – but I have done so much poking and prodding already she really needs to sleep if she has ANY chance of getting up for school in the morning.


I decide to try another correction via pump and go back to bed. once again – half asleep decision

6am – I stumble back into her room and check her again.


good morning!

time to wake up Eden…

Here, let me jab this huge needle into your belly –

that’s always a nice way to start your day!


New site – 1 hour later and she was down to 322

more changes to her morning insulin settings and fingers crossed she doesn’t steadily climb back to the horrible 300’s by lunch


another night in the life of living with D..

I wonder what the rest of the day will have in store??


hopefully a nap.



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