Time for a happy dance…

Maybe I should complain, bitch and moan more often?


Yeah – probably not..


But seriously – if it is one of the reasons it helped I am going to continue doing it..


what a difference a day makes!






Are the increases in morning insulin dosages FINALLY kicking in?!?!


Eden had lunch almost an hour before usual today as they are having a school rally…

So it is possible that we caught her before a rise was happening – but either way I am celebrating!

This is a HUGE improvement from the 300s we have been seeing…



seems to CARE and is happy about it too!!



She also NAILED her dinner dosages last night – I treated her to McDonalds (yes, bad for you – I know) and she totally rocked dosing for herself – figuring out how much insulin to give herself ahead of time and how much to spread out and dose over a period of time..  (to help counteract the fatty/heavy meal)


She was in the mid 100’s ALL NIGHT LONG…. 😍😍


Lets hope we are on a roll and the good numbers continue!


Totally doing a happy dance today ..

Happy Friday everyone.. cheers to a D friendly weekend too





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