Raising children is hard – I don’t care what you say ..


I question my parenting skills often in regards to both of my children.

I think I’m a pretty good parent – I have some things to work on, like patience and cooking, but I do the best I can… of course my girls are at the age now where they think anything but..


I can do no right – but everything wrong..


As parents we want happy, healthy, kind and well adjusted kids who can go out into the big bad world and be the best version of themselves possible.


Surviving the teen years is challenging for the best of us –

surviving the teenage years when we throw in an

incurable disease and all the crap that comes along

with it is an all together different type of challenge…



Some days Eden can be her own worst enemy.


The nagging, unrelenting disease that is D never lets up – never goes away and I don’t blame her one little bit for not wantng to give it attention..


But those times are like little daggars to my heart..


Daggars that cut deep causing worry and fear for her health and her future.


I do a LOT of reading – so I can learn the ins and outs of this disease and better equip myself with as much knowledge as possible.


knowledge is power


My next read is this…



I hope it gives me enough knowledge and strength to fight the fight..

its exhausting and I’m tired… 


just the thought of no end in sight is exhausting in itself.








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