Blissfully in Denial ..


Many months ago I wrote about Eden’s week long Science Camp.. (see here and here )

Back then – she decided she didn’t want to go..

A couple of months ago she decided she did..


She is going – or should I say WE are going – and it is almost upon us.


We have had so many other things going on to fill our days that I have really not thought too much about it..

blissfully in denial … 


Anyone who knows me, knows this – I HATE the COLD..

and I mean HATE..


3 days in a row now I have already donned my Ugg boots

and used my heat pack..

that is NOT a good sign when it really isn’t even that cold yet.


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


The location of the camp is going to be COLD – be prepared for possible snow, it says….

Oh and on a side note – I’m not too fond of camping either 😉


BUT – this is going to be an amazing experience for Eden.

An amazing experience that I will get to witness and share with my daughter –

these moments are going to be few and far between as the years progress.

I WILL enjoy it whether I am half frozen or not.



Eden REALLY did not want me to attend the camp. Before she made her choice, I had a long chat with the school nurse to find out our options. -The school is REQUIRED BY LAW – to provide a nurse to attend the camp with her as it is part of the academic extracurricular program.


What we found out –

The school district would need to hire someone specifically just to attend the camp with Eden as they are spread too thin to give up a nurse for the entire week.

D-dad and I discussed this fact and were NOT comfortable at all with a nurse who does not know Eden to be fully responsible for her day and night.

For 5 days and 4 nights.

And I do mean day and night…

Some of the hardest work we put in

to D care is in the middle of the night hours.



  • A nurse that will be a nurse, but might not have much experience with Type 1 Diabetes
  • A nurse that possibly had no experience with an insulin pump
  • A nurse that would need to change her insulin pump sites
  • A nurse that would have no idea how exercise affects her blood sugar
  • A nurse that has no idea how much sugar is required to raise her blood sugar
  • A nurse that would need to assist Eden with carb counts for every meal (none are provided)
  • A nurse that would not know how to adjust her basal rates to combat lows

The list goes on and on..


If it was ONE DAY or ONE overnight it would be a different story.

5 days we decided was too much with too many variables and we were not comfortable with it.


So – it was either ME or no camp… she agreed and the time is almost here.


It is almost time to start freaking out – making lists – packing a gazillion D supplies.

It is almost time to be in charge of Eden’s life and chaperone a group of 24 children.



It is almost time to have a week of completely

full, active, crazy days followed by sleepless nights –

multiple checks to ensure Eden wakes up the next day.



It is going to be exhausting – It is going to be challenging – It is going to be amazing..

at least thats what I need to keep telling myself as I sit here on a comfy sofa, snuggled in a blanket with a heat pack on my lap…

denial right now is just what I need to get me through the day.


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