I am in LOVE …


I knew I would like it – but I just didn’t realize how much I would LOVE IT!!!!! 💙

It is Dexcom day – Eden is set up and we have been watching her blood sugars on the screen for the last 3 hours.


The appointment was a breeze – although Eden did NOT appear the least bit enthused or happy to be there.. 😒

I thought she was excited so I was super disappointed in her demeanor and attitude – thinking that it was going to be pointless.


Had a great meeting with Dr. – discussed many things like missed boluses and her HUGE dislike at taking her thyroid medication.. He is never negative and always smiling and trying to encourage Eden to take charge of her D management. He ordered more blood work so that immediately bummed Eden out knowing we would be headed to the lab when we were done.


Nurse came in and VERY briefly went over the Dexcom device. Scrolling through and pressing buttons at lightning speed.. when you have not seen one or handled one in person it was a bit quick for my liking.





Ready to do the insertion, she wanted to put the sensor in Eden’s upper butt area…



I KNEW she would NOT want it there… we don’t do sites there – it interferes with her clothing, she doesn’t think it is comfortable and it would NOT make her happy (especially when she was already in a grumpy mood)

Good thing I spoke up – because Eden probably would have just gone along with it – not wanting to cause a fuss and been MISERABLE.. Took a tiny bit of convincing, but the nurse agreed – even though she said they don’t usually do it on the stomach area… PHEW…


Insertion done – Eden said it didn’t hurt.. YAY.



 – test blood sugar in 2 hours and then again 5 minutes later, enter them into device to calibrate and that’s it.

See you next week… 



Eden not overly impressed so far – says it is HUGE and I’m not overly hopeful.


Blood work done – we celebrate with Starbucks and bagels and wait..




Here is first calibration… pretty close match..


Eden has her first smile of amazement – SO COOL!!!!


LOW alarm

LOW alarm


Running a few errands while we are out and 30 minutes later Eden gets a LOW ALERT alarm…

Being able to WATCH what her body was doing was a HUGE HUGE HUGE benefit in this instance because she still had 8 units of active insulin – thanks to Starbucks and bagels and a bucketload of carbs..

I figured her body would level out because bagels take a long time to digest – but to be able to actually SEE IT … AMAZING!!!!!!!





As you can see – we totally ROCKED IT…

her blood sugar dipped and raised a few times but leveled off nicely!

My amazing girl with her life saving medical devices..


mid lunch bolus

It is SO HARD to not look at this screen every 5 minutes…






not only am I completely in LOVE

EDEN IS TOO!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “I am in LOVE …

  1. When I got my Dexcom, I didn’t get any training. I had to figure it out by myself. But in reading the info that came with mine, it says only insert it into the belly area. But, I like to wear it on the back of my arm, I like it there best, because it’s out of the way and I can’t see how bulky it is!

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