Double UP…


Another great Dex day.. 😀

I didn’t get to watch it like a hawk today as Eden was back to school and out of sight.

I was hoping she would send me pictures throughout the day – but I only got one.. poop..


Her numbers have been pretty darn good again today… which is amazing in itself after all the recent garbage we have been through. even more amazing to be able to SEE it.





In the picture you can clearly see where she had lunch just after 1pm. Eden’s blood sugar started to rise and the insulin bolus started to kick in and bring her back into range.

Now after school – she started eating and did NOT bolus until she was finished (dare I say she forgot until I asked to see Dex 😒 …. we always encourage her to dose FIRST) — clearly – her blood sugar is rising quickly from the food intake and no insulin as we got the Double Arrows UP symbol…


Our bodies are so amazing – those of us with functioning pancreases do this dance all by themselves all day every day…

It is now so easy to understand and visualize the reason it is so difficult to stay in between the lines.


cannot wait until we have one of these

seriously – how did we survive without this thing?!


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