Feeling Robbed..


Well, we said goodbye to Dex last night…


NOT because we wanted to

NOT because our week trial was over 


But – because the sensor fell out ?!?!



I am SO SO SO SAD ……..

I feel robbed – our week trial only lasted 4 days –

and we didn’t get to see it in action

when we really wanted to.



Eden had a very active weekend – NOTHING unusual

heavy activity = sweating

sweating = breakdown of adhesive

adhesive holds medical devices in place


We commonly have this issue keeping her insulin pump sites attached during the Summer months – one reason we took a pump vacation for part of the Summer this year.

I guess Dex has the same issue – even worse – because it needs to stay on for SEVEN days in lieu of 2-3 PLUS the sensor is MUCH heavier ..

Eden noticed the adhesive coming up around the edges yesterday afternoon. We added a wound dressing over the entire thing and tape around the edges.


2 hours into basketball practice last night and all of the adhesive failed

– the sensor came out and I was left VERY SAD and disappointed…



wanted to see Dex in action after a super active day.


Sunday nights are particularly challenging because Eden has 2.5 hours of basketball practice in the evening meaning that her blood sugar is very hard to manage during the night. It often crashes – and it would have been incredibly helpful to be able to see the trends, have a LOW alarm as a backup and to be able to glance on a screen to see if her blood sugar was steady instead of having to prick her finger again and again for reassurance that she was OK.

I was SO super excited to see Dex in action and it didn’t happen…

I did however have the pleasure of watching Eden play in 3 basketball games – watching her blood sugar from the sidelines was unbelievably comforting


I would still say the trial was a success – we know without a doubt that we NEED this technology in our lives. 


I knew it would be hard to say goodbye after a week

– it is even HARDER to say goodbye

to Dex after only 4 days.


boo hoo… 😭😭


3 thoughts on “Feeling Robbed..

  1. If you contact Dexcom, they will most likely replace the sensor without question. Anytime a sensor does not last the intended 7 days, they are usually very good about replacements. Good luck!

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