One step closer ….

EXCITING news today…


Eden had her follow up Dr. appointment this morning for “removal” of her Dexcom after our trial… Obviously, it didn’t need removal since it fell off early (read about that here) but we had to go in to review the 4 days worth of data that we DID get..


In a BAD mother moment – I forgot to bring her blood sugar logs with us to the appointment.. 😒

Gosh – I felt like an idiot – I brought them LAST week … too bad that didn’t count.

I do not usually space it like that – but I guess I was too focused on not forgetting Dex. Probably would have helped if the nurse gave us a little more direction last week too, they usually just download her pump for info..


BUT – we still got some useful information…

He wants us to make a few minor tweaks – her A1C came DOWN to 8.0 since August  – not by a lot – but hey, at this point ANY improvement is worth celebrating.. Dare I say, I think that is the lowest it has EVER been..


AND – Dr. is happy to send a request to Dexcom for insurance approval on our own device!




I knew he would – I have actually probably been a pain in the butt, nagging mother over the last week as I have contacted the office numerous times…

As soon as our Dex rep told me that our insurance usually clears approval quickly – I ordered, paid and bugged the Dr to send in our letter of medical necessity. I have actually probably been a pain in the butt to the Dex rep too – but you know what – I DON’T CARE.. 😉



This medical technology is life changing

and I WANT IT as soon to NOW as I can possibly get it..





We ordered our Pebble watches and other stuff yesterday required to get setup on Nightscout to be able to monitor Eden’s blood sugar remotely (read about that here)..


We are one step closer … 


If all the stars are aligned – we might even be able to get everything in time for Science Camp next week?!?!




After cursing our health insurance so many times over the years – after hating them yesterday and needing to spend ANOTHER hour on the phone because of a computer glitch on their end with Eden’s prescriptions. IF – and I say – IF – we manage to get Dex in a quick turnaround.. they might just make up for all the crap we have gone through lately…


PLEASE think happy thoughts for us..


Having this technology in a few weeks would be incredible –

but if we could by some miracle have it in time for next week…




please please please ….

I did mention once before I was inpatient….  now I probably just sound like a spoiled brat..


It cannot come soon enough – I WANT IT NOW !!! 😊


2 thoughts on “One step closer ….

  1. Some of us have figured out some ways to get the sensors to stick longer than 3-4 days. I personally paint my sensor adhesive with SkinTac before applying and I learned that at TuDiabetes in the Dexcom group. I use most of my sensors for 2+ weeks and between SkinTac and Opsite Flexifix tape get them to stay on. But your experience of having the sensor fall off after 4 days is unfortunately not unique. The Dex will definitely be a great addition to your arsenal.

    • yes -thank you.. live and learn! I have already ordered some skin tac wipes – next step will definitely be the flexifix tape.. I have had multiple people suggest that one – so it must work! 🙂

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