Blubbering mess… 


OMG – I am alone… the house is quiet … except there is a crazy lady in the house…

ME ….


10 minutes ago, I was literally jumping up and down – screaming out loud – and crying (actually bawling) tears of joy all at the same time…

Actually I’m still crying – I just can’t seem to control my emotions and am blubbering like a baby. 😂😂😭😭




I just got notification that we should get Eden’s Dexcom TOMORROW !!!!!!!!

Our delivery of the other goodies to monitor blood sugars remotely is due on the doorstep TODAY…



For those of you that already have and use a Dex and/or Nightscout you will completely understand why I would be acting this way..


Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis on July 4th 2010

changed our world forever.


The daily fear, anxiety and frustrations over the past 4 years have taken their toll.

I am not the same person I used to be.

The burden we live with to help keep Eden alive is HUGE  – one you would never understand unless you lived it.



All of a sudden I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


The disease isn’t going anywhere –

it will NEVER go anywhere

unless there is a CURE


But I have NEVER been happier and more relieved to have access to a medical device to manage Eden’s T1D and help keep her safe and ALIVE.

To have alarms to notify us of LOWS and HIGHS – to physically SEE what her blood sugars are doing and additional data to help with the guessing games is going to change our lives again – for the better…


The past year has been HARD.. incredibly HARD


In reality, I know the transition will not be without issues – but they will be worth it.


Here we are – just in time for Diabetes Awareness Month…

On November 1st – Type 1 Diabetes Day –

We will have a whole new world opened up to us…


and I have not been this HAPPY in a LONG TIME…


Type 1 Diabetes SUCKS – today this news helps it suck just a little bit less… 

I can’t wait to tell Eden.




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