Today…. life changingly COOL ..

Today is the first day of November.

The first day of Diabetes Awareness Month and TYPE ONE DIABETES DAY ..


A day to kick off an entire MONTH of D peeps doing their darndest to help spread awareness and educate the world about Diabetes.

An entire month to wear BLUE and shout from the rooftops about the cause nearest and dearest to our hearts.


Today is also a day of celebration for us –

because today we opened up a whole new world…

A BETTER world..


We are now a part of Nightscout – the A-MAZING technology that uses our brand new Dexcom and a bunch of other technology to be able to view Eden’s blood sugars remotely… A group of super smart D-parents that decided they were sick of waiting for peace of mind and did something about it. A group of people that I love and admire, but have not met – because they are selflessly sharing their time, smarts and effort to make the lives of others better too..


Today –

we went from complete darkness

to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…


We joined the #wearenotwaiting crew… 


Don’t get me wrong – we are still going to be traveling IN that tunnel FOREVER – unless there is a CURE – but we will be able to live with the glimpse of light at the end of it – instead of forging forward into the darkness…


Today – we went from THIS


to THIS …



We no longer have to guess what Eden’s blood sugar numbers are doing..

We can glance down to our wrist and SEE THEM…

We can look at our cell phone or computer and SEE THEM…


How cool is that ?!?!



Life changingly COOL …


Happy Type One Diabetes Day everyone 💙


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