Lifesaving stuff.. and lots of it

With Type One Diabetes comes medical supplies…


LOTS and LOTS of medical supplies….




  • Test strips to test blood sugar
  • Test strips to test for ketones
  • lancets – to put into the lancing device (finger pricker)
  • extra lancing devices
  • syringes
  • glucagon
  • infusion sets for pump site changes
  • reservoirs to hold the insulin in the pump
  • insertion device
  • blood sugar meter
  • blood ketone meter
  • alcohol liquid and wipes
  • medical tape and wound bandages
  • adhesive remover and wipes to help adhesive stick
  • batteries
  • hand santitizer


Not to mention the most important LIFE SUPPORT –

INSULIN in the refrigerator




We have to track the date we open a new vial of insulin –

it only remains good for 28 days – empty or not.


We have boxes and boxes of juice, fruit pieces, glucose tabs and gel to keep her blood sugar up.

As if that weren’t enough – we have reference books, blood sugar logs, extra blood sugar meters and cases, sharps containers, a special case to keep insulin cold when on the road, and now Dexcom supplies…





We have an entire double cupboard in the kitchen dedicated to Eden and her medical supplies…


We have extra glucose supplies in the pantry and of course all of the things she carries with her daily..


We need to track how often we can replenish these supplies from the pharmacy or supplier and have easy access to contact numbers for the various places. We cannot run out – ever.

We need to fight with insurance companies to get the supplies we need.

We need to track how often we change her insulin pump site – how much insulin is left in her pump so we don’t have the possibility of running out.

We need to make sure her kit is always stocked and check expiration dates regularly.

We need to keep track of doctors appointments and trips to the lab for blood draws.


Thanks to Dex and Nightscout – we now have a media hub too where we need to keep medical devices charged at all times

We DO NOT just push a couple of buttons

on an insulin pump and sit back and relax.


An insulin pump is NOT A CURE.



Blood sugar management is a HUGE part of Type 1 Diabetes – but it is far from all that is needed to keep tabs on this disease.


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