And so it begins … insulin = life

My post the other day showed all of the medical supplies needed for D life..


Quite obviously the MOST important one is INSULIN..


Without administering insulin – Eden would NOT be alive..


Today I found these… šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢


Eden’s first insulin orders upon diagnosis the day our lives changed forever..


20141111_140139 copy




her first food/meal diary where we tracked ALL the food she put in her mouth and calculated the insulin she needed to stay alive.


20141111_141331 copy


This was our FIRST DAY HOME from hospital where we needed to sink or swim – learning to measure, measure, measure and double check every single calculation before drawing up insulin and injecting it into our precious daughter. Any mistake could end her life – using the same thing that sustains it.


Finding these today brought me right back..

right back to those first few days of diagnosis and how incredibly scared and overwhelmed we were.

D parents everywhere are being sent home from the hospital with newly diagnosed children scared out of their wits..

Brains fried and overloaded with important life savingĀ information.

Hands trembling whilst drawing up insulin to keep their children alive and hearts broken – shattered…


Type 1 Diabetes is a SERIOUS,

life threatening, incurable, auto-immune disease..




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