Who Knew….


  • This time last year I was at one of my lowest points dealing with this insidious disease.
  • This time last year was one of the first times I had really spoken out about how T1D had impacted our lives.
  • This time last year I started to break out of my bubble to share with the world the TRUTH and stopped hiding
  • This time last year I got the support and encouragement from family and friends to start writing


This time last year – I wrote this :   November 2013 – World Diabetes Day (click to read)

and I found my purpose..



I refuse to hide any longer

I refuse to be quiet

I refuse to stop educating

I refuse to stop advocating for my daughter


Because the world needs to hear it.

The world needs to understand.


Tomorrow, November 14th is World Diabetes Day..


PLEASE – wear blue to support the cause

PLEASE – help me bring awareness and educate


The more people who understand the seriousness and realities of living with Type 1 Diabetes – the more likely they are to support the cause and donate to help us find a CURE..




Our kids need a CURE

Future kids being diagnosed need a CURE

Everyone living with this disease needs a CURE.


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