Weirdly blue…

Today is World Diabetes Day..

I am all decked out in BLUE to spread awareness..


Blue hair, blue clothes, blue nails and the word HOPE written on my hand.. (even if it is upside down)


HOPE that one day we will have a CURE

for this awful disease.





I am also feeling weirdly blue. Emotionally blue.. 😑


I woke up and started the day excited and more motivated than ever to spread the word today.


As the day has worn on – as I have seen picture after picture of children, teenagers, babies – entire families living the D life – I have become an emotional wreck. I cannot stop myself reading stories and feeling emotion for those families as well as my own. The show of support everyone is getting from loved ones, friends and family is overwhelming..


The D Community is AMAZING..

All of the D Moms, D Dads and D peeps out there doing their darndest to get anyone and everyone to stop and notice.


We are such a strong, brave and fearless group of people – united and bound together to fight..

to fight for the CURE we all so desperately want and need for our loved one.


love someone


We are a force to be reckoned with.

I have so many mixed emotions today

But for sure –

I am PROUD to be a D Mom










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