Because I care….


World Diabetes Day might be behind us – but seriously is Diabetes Day for our family.

WHY do I want everyone

to know about Type ONE Diabetes?


Because it needs to be on everyones radar.


Did you even KNOW there is more than one TYPE of Diabetes?

The majority of the world DOES NOT



Because everything you see and hear about Diabetes relates to Type TWO Diabetes

  • The type that is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and being overweight.
  • The type that can often be prevented and has a terrible stigma associated with it.


Did I know a lot about T1D before Eden’s diagnosis? No, no I did not.

What I DID know were some of the symptoms…

Some of the symptoms that stopped Eden from being on deaths door by the time we got her to the hospital.


This is Eden a couple of weeks before diagnosis




This is Eden the days before diagnosis


This is Eden in the hospital after diagnosis

after lifesaving INSULIN treatment started



This is Eden now




People with Type ONE Diabetes

don’t “LOOK” Diabetic


Type ONE Diabetes is an auto immune disease that CANNOT be prevented

Doctors, Scientists and Researchers DO NOT KNOW the exact cause of Type ONE Diabetes

Genetic predisposition?

Environmental factors?

Viral or stress trigger?


The point is – ANYONE can be diagnosed with Type ONE Diabetes

  • infants, young children, middle aged, old.
  • rich, poor or middle class

It DOES NOT discriminate.


What everyone CAN DO is familiarize themselves with the warning signs and symptoms and understand that undiagnosed or misdiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes can KILL.

Can KILL your child, your neighbor, your friend..


We got lucky – really lucky with Eden..

I want you to be lucky too – I want you to have the opportunity to save a life.

Because I care..




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